Make An Urgent Donation to Feb 19 Mass Protest of Resistance!

Feb 19 Needs Your Immediate Urgent Help – Donate Now!

White supremacy and hate can only be defeated with team work, by pooling our resources and great sacrifice. Please consider making the largest donation to Feb 19 you can now.

We need to raise thousands of dollars in the next few days. We need to expand our sound system. We need to produce banners and placards. We need to pay to transport materials and infrastructure to the protest. We need to do media and pay for facebook ads and so much more.

Every day must be a day of resistance! Please consider making the largest donation to Feb 19 you can now.

Protest to Stop the Trump Agenda

Sunday, Feb. 19
Gather, 12 Noon: Wacker and Wabash (Across river from the Trump Tower)
1 pm: March to Federal Plaza
There are over 20,000 people on the facebook event. Let’s make that number even higher.

We must stay in the streets and keep this new mass movement to Stop the Trump Agenda going strong. There is power in numbers! The right-wing resurgence can only be defeated by an organized independent resistance of the people from the grassroots.

Join us as we continue to build the resistance to the Trump regime of racism, sexism and bigotry. Join us as we help build a united front in defense of all those who are under attack. We must not stop now! This is a movement, not a moment!

Descend on Trump Tower in Chicago on the one month anniversary of the Trump administration. Call us at 773-885-3991 for more information or if your organization would like to partner with ANSWER Chicago for this protest. Initial partners are Black Lives Matter Women of Faith, Centro Autónomo, Chicago SCLC, Chicago Student Union, CODE Pink Chicago, Gay Liberation Network, La Voz de los de Abajo and People United Against Oppression.

The Opening rally will included a performance by Sousaphones Against Hate, Baritones Resisting Aggression.

Defend Immigrants, Muslims, People of Color, Women, LGBTQ People, Workers and the Poor!
Black and Brown Lives Matter!
#NODAPL, Water is Life, People and Planet over Profit!
Money for Jobs, Education, Health Care and Housing, Not for Endless War!