An important plea – the resistance needs your help!

An Appeal from ANSWER Chicago coordinator John Beacham:

We will keep building and contributing to the resistance, but we need your help! Please become an ANSWER Chicago supporter today by setting up a monthly contribution. Every single penny you donate will go to helping build an independent movement against white supremacy, sexism, bigotry and war!

Please click on these links now to set up a recurring donation to the resistance:

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Since Trump’s election, ANSWER Chicago has brought thousands of people into the streets on numerous occasions. We called the first mass protest against Trump in Chicago the night after the election. We took buses to DC to join the Jan 20 protest on Trump’s inaugural parade route. We held an emergency protest of 1,500 people at DHS to defend immigrants and Muslims. We braved the freezing cold to protest Mike Pence’s visit to Chicago.

We were out at the airport to shut the down the Muslim Ban. We have held multiple mass meetings of hundreds of people to help build a stronger resistance. ANSWER Chicago volunteers have handed out 10,000s of leaflets to build resistance actions in the last couple of months.

We are organizing a protest against Paul Ryan’s visit to Chicago on March 23. The Women of ANSWER Chicago along with BLM Women of Faith and the Chicago Students Union are organizing an International Women’s Day March for Equal Rights, Justice and Power on March 12.

My friends, everything we have done and everything we are planning requires resources and for that we rely on you. We are relying on your generosity to help us continue building and growing and confronting the powers that be so that this new movement realizes its potential to defeat the Trump agenda and bring about the progressive changes that millions are now fighting for!

$10 Monthly $20 Monthly $50 Monthly $100 Monthly