John Beacham speaks on illegal TigerSwan/Police spying operation against ANSWER Chicago

Listen to “How a Private Security Firm Worked With Police to Infiltrate the Anti-Trump Movement” on Spreaker.

ANSWER Chicago coordinator John Beacham was on Loud and Clear with Brian Becker to discuss the recent revelations that ANSWER Chicago and the Feb. 19 mass anti-Trump protest in Chicago were a target of the notorious private security firm TigerSwan. According to documents obtained by the Intercept, TigerSwan, which conducted illegal and unconstitutional spying on the heroic protests at Standing Rock, had agents of the firm, working with the Illinois State Police, attempt to infiltrate the peaceful protest of over 5,000 people in Chicago on Feb. 19 and embed with protest organizers for both short term and long term surveillance.

“We will not be in any way deterred by these revelations. We will continue to fight … We also believe that someone should pay for what is clearly criminal and unconstitutional activity” carried out by these private security thugs in the service of Wall Street—hired guns, many of whom were formerly in U.S. military special forces units, who are working against the fundamental rights of the indigenous people of this land.

“People should be outraged.” TigerSwan, other firms like TigerSwan and law enforcement are conducting extensive and coordinated political policing operations on U.S. soil, using the so-called “fusion centers” around the country. These intelligence gathering centers have supposedly been organized to fight terrorism, but are instead being used against the people of the United States. In their campaigns against protesters and free speech, government and private entities are using the same “anti-terrorism” and “counter-insurgency” methods and strategies used in illegal wars and occupations abroad.

We will not allow the U.S. government, Wall Street and their hired thugs to treat the people of the United States and the world as the enemy. We will continue to unite, organize and fight back to build a mass movement of resistance against racism, sexism, bigotry and war.