7/25 Meeting: Get on Chicago Caravan – Peoples Congress of Resistance

Join the Chicago caravan to the Sept 16-17 People’s Congress of Resistance in DC!

Meeting Details

When: Tuesday, July 25 at 7 PM – 8:45 PM
Where: 4802 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60640-3604, United States

Agenda Items

1. How to join the Chicago Caravan to the People’s Congress of Resistance (PCOR). PCOR will take place in DC on Sept. 16 & 17
2. Why you should attend PCOR!
3. Caravan logistics
4. Info about the People’s Congress of Resistance
5. Help build the People’s Congress of Resistance

$5 to $10 donation to assist youth and fixed income people make it the PCOR. No one turned away for lack of funds

People will be descending on Washington from every corner of this country to build a powerful, broad and independent resistance of the grassroots to the Trump regime and the fake congress of millionaires who are waging war on working and oppressed people.

Reserve your spot on the caravan by filling out this form now:https://goo.gl/forms/8PAx5xbrFXiy9vqk2

Caravan Contacts: 773-885-3991; answer@chicagoanswer.net; message Answer Chicago

For more info about the People’s Congress of Resistance:¬†http://www.congressofresistance.org/

We will be riding in cars and vans from Chicago to DC and back. We are leaving from Chicago on the morning of Sept. 15 at 7 am and we will arrive back in Chicago on Sept. 18 around 5 am.

The per person contribution for the caravan will be $60 or $100. $60 is the basic contribution for gas and van rental fees. A $100 contribution will also help caravaners who need assistance join us on this important trip! For info or financial aid …

Contact(s); 773-885-3991; answer@chicagoanswer.net; message Answer Chicago