8/23: Take Fascist Chicago Monument Down Now – Protest & Petition

Protest and Petition: Take the Fascist Balbo Monument Down Now!

Sign the petition to Mayor Emanuel to take the monument down now!

Protest, Wed., Aug. 23, 6 pm
Balbo Monument (1400 S. Museum Campus Drive)

From Charlottesville to Chicago to the White House …
Shut Down White Supremacy!
Racist Monuments: Take Them All Down!

All Out! Descend on Chicago’s Monument to Racism and Fascism on August 23! Bring your signs and banners!

Info: 773-885-3991. The initial organizations involved are ANSWER Chicago, Black Lives Matter – Women of Faith, Chicago Students Union, CODEPink Chicago, the Party for Socialism and Liberation and People United Against Oppression.

In 1933 the Italian Fascist Benito Mussolini gave the city of Chicago what is known as the Balbo Monument. Italo Balbo himself was also a fascist and Mussolini’s right-hand man who oversaw the occupation and destruction of North Africa during World War 2.

Today that monument still stands in Chicago’s Burnham Park as an enduring symbol of white supremacy and racism. The inscription on that statue puts to rest any doubts about its intent, declaring it to be a gift from “Fascist Italy” to commemorate the “Roman Imperialism” of Balbo. The monument openly celebrates “the eleventh year of the fascist era.”

While numerous historical campaigns have been launched to remove the insulting monument, most prominently in the aftermath of WW2, the city’s political elite has each time ignored the will of the people. Now, with American fascism once again on the rise, it’s more important than ever for us to make clear that we will not tolerate the celebration of hateful, racist and anti-worker ideologies.

The veneration of fascism has no place in the world that we want to build. We demand the immediate removal of the Balbo Monument and the re-naming of Balbo Street as “Ida B. Wells Way.” We demand that every racist monument in Chicago and across the country be taken down immediately!

Tear down all racist and fascist monuments!

If your organization would like to endorse, call us at 773-885-3991