8/26 + 8/27 Weekend Actions – March in Solidarity!

ANSWER Chicago is endorsing the following actions and encourages all to come out to show solidarity against White Supremacy! Brief event descriptions are below – click the links for more information.

Sat., Aug. 26March with Black Lives Matter – Women of Faith
2pm – 642 E. 47th Street

We have had enough with violence against Black bodies – at the hands of police and law enforcement, in a criminal “justice” system that disproportionately kills and incarcerates Black bodies. We have had enough with the violence against Black bodies – at the hands of our neighbors and fellow citizens who use their alleged “fear” and suspicion of us to attack, violate, and kill us. We have had enough with the systemic disenfranchisement of and divestment from Black communities that perpetuate these cycles of poverty, oppression, and violence. On August 26th, join us in saying: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

Sun., Aug. 27Solidarity Against White Supremacy
2 pm – Federal Plaza

On Sunday, August 27, join a coalition of Chicagoans & social justice organizations saying NO to white supremacists, and the political culture & public officials propagating hate, violence and inequality. We are answering a national call for solidarity actions around the country to stand with Bay Area activists who will be protesting far-right racists at Berkeley on August 27 and in San Francisco on August 26. 

We must put first and foremost the classic labor movement principle– An Injury to One is An Injury to All. Please join us Sunday, August 27th at Federal Plaza.