8/5 Day of Mass Outreach – People’s Congress of Resistance!

Hit the streets with us this Saturday, Aug. 5 as we help build the popular mass resistance against the Trump agenda and the fake congress of millionaires!

** No experience necessary. We will be going out in teams with experienced activists. **

On Saturday, we will be leafleting all over the city of Chicago at L stops, farmers markets and busy street corners. We will be reaching out to the people and listening to and broadcasting on social media their demands for justice. We’ll be getting the word out about the People’s Congress of Resistance in DC on Sept. 16-17 and building a united movement independent of the two parties of war, racism and poverty.

10 am: Meet at the ANSWER Chicago office, 4802 N Broadway (Be Prompt!)
11 am to 2 pm: Outreach at farmers markets, L stops, busy street corners, etc.
3 pm: Report Back/Debrief at the office
4 pm: Dinner/Drinks

Call 773-885-3991 for more info
Get info for the Chicago Caravan to People’s Congress of Resistance!