We Will Fight Together for a “Society for the Many” – PCoR Manifesto!

From ANSWER Chicago Coordinator John Beacham

On Sept. 16-17, I attended the inaugural People’s Congress of Resistance in Washington DC. At the congress, we passed a resolution to promote the PCoR Manifesto, “Society for the Many: A Vision for Revolution,” far and wide across this nation.

Everyone should read, share and promote the powerful and very accessible PCoR Manifesto as much as they possibly can.

Why am I urging everyone to promote the manifesto?

Let’s do a quick take of the situation: U.S. imperialism is threatening to destroy Korea and escalate aggression against Venezuela and Iran—endangering the entire human race. Global emergency action is needed to save the planet from climate catastrophe. White supremacists, emboldened from places of power like the White House, are on the march—not just here, but across the world. In the face of waves of anti-racist protest, the cops, ICE and the state are digging in and seeking to go on the offensive.

Our problems are large. Our solutions must be clear, unifying and up to the task. As we survey the political moment, the fighting resistance that has emerged and the conditions of working and oppressed peoples, it becomes crystal clear that these times require mass revolutionary organizing and action.

United mass action of people from all communities and countries requires a unifying vision that can solve all the problems we face—not just the problems in Chicago or even the United States.

Our eyes must be open to the current situation and we must resolve to meet our shared problems with the kind of optimism that can only arise when a sleeping giant awakes to its chains, shatters its shackles and boldly strikes out to defeat its jailers.

Across this country, in communities large and small, there are millions of people fighting back. What if these millions were united under a shared political vision that can meet the needs of the people and solve our problems? What if these millions were building a revolutionary congress of resistance?

I, for one, stand firm in my resolve that we will realize and put into action our great collective power—a power that is capable of changing the entire course of history. To change history, we must work shoulder to shoulder. We must find a way—despite all the difficulties—to join our struggles into one mighty struggle for power. There is simply no other way.

The Trump regime, the Wall Street bosses, the generals, the thousands of racist and bigots in power and the congress of millionaires all would like us to stay in our place.

They want us on the defensive. They want us to wait on the courts and look to the elections. They want us to fight in isolation. They want us to fight each other. They want us to endlessly dialogue over what divides us. And, finally, they want us to keep putting band aids on our wounds until we bleed out.

We must no longer only struggle alone or in small groups for scraps from the master’s table. We will rise up and fight together against the rulers of this country. Together we will struggle for the emancipation of all working, poor and oppressed peoples.

This is a time for people’s power. This is a time for revolution. This is a time for a “Society for the Many!