Sign the Petition – No Amazon HQ in Chicago!

It seems Mayor Rahm Emanuel might have found the money the city elites keep saying they don’t have for people’s needs. In fact, the rulers of this city are gearing up to promote perhaps billions of dollars in public spending—not on healthcare, schools or housing of course. They’re hatching plans to have the city pay out to Amazon an extortionate amount of money in order to win a nationwide competition for a new downtown corporate mega-headquarters.

Is Amazon broke or something? Do they really need some cash from supposedly broke cities? Of course not! Amazon’s massive wealth and great power is well known.

The entire competition for a new Amazon headquarters in which cities will promise enormous handouts to the corporation in order to woo it is absolutely disgusting. It’s criminal. As Black and Brown communities are abandoned all across this country and city hall’s from coast to coast continue to aid and abet racist police terror against these same communities, city elites in hundreds of cities and towns are going down on their knees to hand their city and its finances over to a ruthless capitalist company that in no way needs financial aid!

Read more and sign the petition NOW to tell Rahm Emmanuel and Bruce Rauner that an Amazon HQ in Chicago is not a solution to our common problems!