Victory! Stop Milo Yiannopoulos Visit to Chicago

Patio Theater: Cancel Neo-Nazi Milos Yiannopoulos Now!

Update: Victory against racism and hate! The Patio Theater has announced that Neo-Nazi Milo has been canceled. Congratulations to everyone who joined this protest page and pressured the venue to cancel.

Share this campaign now! Call the Patio Theater at (773) 283-7244, post messages on their facebook page Patio Theater, tweet at them @patiotheater and e-mail them at Let’s shut Milo and white supremacy down!

Nov 13 Protest: Protest Milo Yiannopoulos in Chicago! Shut Down White Supremacy!

Milos Yiannopoulos is a white supremacist. He promotes racism and bigotry. This has been well known for years. If Patio Theater allows him to speak at their venue they will be promoting white supremacy!

The former Breitbart writer has been concretely linked to white supremacists on many occasions, most recently by a BuzzFeed expose of leaked e-mails that shows beyond a doubt that Yiannopoulos is a central propagandist of the white-supremacist movement.

Yiannopoulos is scheduled to appear at the Patio Theater in Chicago on November 13. We will not allow white supremacists to appear in Chicago to build their racist, bigoted movement. We will do everything we can to pressure Patio Theater to shut down the Nov. 13 show. We are also planning a massive protest to shut down Milo and white supremacy on Nov. 13 at thePatio Theater: Protest Milo Yiannopoulos in Chicago! Shut Down White Supremacy!

Please join Answer Chicago and together let’s shut down white supremacy!