April 21: Stop the U.S War on Syria! The U.S. Lies, People Die!

Stop the U.S. War on Syria! The U.S. Lies, People Die!

Sat., April 21, 12 noon: Michigan and Congress Ave
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** Protest is organized by the Chicago Anti-war Coalition
and endorsed by ANSWER Chicago **

U.S. War is for Profit and Domination, Not Democracy and Human Rights!

John Beacham, ANSWER Chicago Coordinator

On April 13, in the middle of the night while people were asleep in their homes, the United States, Britain and France launched an illegal missile strike on Syria — an unprovoked attack which does not have the support of the people of the world. Over 100 missiles were supposedly fired — of which over 70 were most likely shot down by Syrian air defenses.

The Pentagon, Britain and France and both sides of the aisle in congress appear dead set to escalate the conflict. We must resist the rush to a war that would be an even greater catastrophe for the Syrian people and the people of the world.

The pretext for the missile strike was the supposed but unproven and very unlikely use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government.

Propaganda about Chemical Weapons is a Phony Pretext

We must be clear and not give into the fearmongering and lies of the state and the media: the idea that Syria would do the one thing that could be used by the United States — a country that is targeting Syria for illegal regime change, has destroyed Iraq and Libya and is backing the genocidal Saudi war against Yemen — to intervene when the war is all but over is ludicrous and simply has to be called out for completely lacking any credibility.

In fact, on April 12, the day before the bombing, Secretary of Defense Mattis testified before congress that they have no proof the Syrian government used chemical weapons. The corporate media is saying the reason for the criminal bombing of Syrian cities is a response to a “suspected” use of chemical weapons. The Pentagon is saying that they are sure chemical weapons were used because of media and social media reports (not on intelligence). Seriously! This is nothing other than repeating flimsy propaganda in the hopes that it will function as truth.

Then there’s this: The bombings came on the night before international chemical weapons experts — who were given full access by Syria and Russia — were scheduled to visit the site of the purported chemical attack.

The only “evidence” we have of chemical attacks in Syria is coming from reactionary Al-Qaeda linked anti-Syrian government armed factions and so-called humanitarian groups that are linked to the Al-Qaeda related fighters and U.S. and British intelligence.

Suspicion and accusation are no reason to bomb a country in the middle of the night. But this is par for the course for the United States, a country that routinely lies to justify wars against less powerful countries, uses chemical weapons against entire populations with impunity (Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, etc.), strangulates countries with crippling sanctions and is carrying out endless war for Wall Street.

The Iraq war, in which the U.S. killed at least a million civilians and carried out a regime of terror and torture, was based on intentional lies and a demonization campaign against the Iraqi government. The United States lost the Iraq war — a war that made ISIS possible, led to the greatest refugee crisis in history and destabilized the entire region. U.S. war brings death and destruction in the name of U.S. power, not relief for the people!

For the people of Syria and the world, we must reject this false narrative of chemical weapons now before it is used to escalate the war further.

We must insist that the United States, Britain and France halt their aggression. We will demand self-determination for Syria and the protection of the country’s independence and sovereignty.

After all, do Donald Trump and the Pentagon care about the Syrian people? No.

The real reason for U.S. war on Syria

The real reason why the U.S. is building the case for war on Syria right now is the fact that the Pentagon wishes to reassert its uni-polar dominance in the Middle East and around the world. This war is about empire, pure and simple. Washington is unwilling to tolerate any challenges to its global authority and is refusing to accept the new multi-polar world that has quite naturally re-emerged.

The only way that the United States will be able to reassert its overwhelming hegemony is through a greater level of aggression and war — a program that the billionaires of this country, the war machine and both major political powers are uniting around. In fact, the leaders of the democratic party are solidly to the right of president Trump when it comes to attacking Russia and China. Nancy Pelosi congratulated Trump on his illegal missile strike and called for the president to bring a plan for widening the war on Syria to congress!

The stakes are high and we the people cannot trust an establishment that has done nothing for Black Lives Matter as Black people continued to be lynched in the streets. We cannot trust a government that has opened up an era of unfettered capitalism and a renewed war on the environment. We refuse to put our faith in a system that sicks the ICE gestapo on immigrants and Latinos. We reject the surveillance state. We must expose the anti-Russia witch hunt that is targeting dissent and serving as the pretext for war threats against a nuclear power.

The United States establishment, both parties and the state, is moving even further to the right; unifying around militarism, aggression and war; and moving to stifle the growing popular dissent.

We will fight back! We will come out into the streets in the largest numbers possible on April 21 to shut down the war machine and demand justice for people here at home. Only the people can stop war, racism and bigotry!

Endorsers as of April 16:

8th Day Center Center for Justice
About Face: Veterans Against the War (Iraq Veterans Against the War)
Albany Park, North Park, and Mayfair Neighbors for Peace and Justice
Anakbayan Chicago
ANSWER Coalition Chicago
Karen Aram, AWARE* (Anti-War, Anti-Racism, Effort of Champaign, IL)
Marcia Bernsten
Black Lives Matter – Chicago
Black Lives Matter – Women of Faith
Chris Blankenhorn, Green Party of United States* Co-Chair, Young Greens* Organizer, Illinois Green Party Vice Chair
Vicki Cervantes, La Voz de los de Abajo*
Chicago ALBA Solidarity Committee
Chicago Alliance Against Racist Political Repression
Chicago Area Peace Action (CAPA)
Chicago Cuba Coalition
Mary Dean
Larry Duncan, Labor Beat
DuPage County Green Party
Steven David Flowers, CAARPR
Frack Free Illinois
Freedom Road Socialist Organization
Gabriela Chicago
Gay Liberation Network
Michael J. Harrington, Chair, Green Party of Chicago*
Illinois Green Party
Illinois Single-Payer Coalition
International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines
David Johnson, AWARE*
Justice in Ayotzinapa Committee
Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Non-Violence
Joleen Kirschenman
Labor Beat / Labor Express
Laurel Lambert Schmidt
Stephen Livingston
March 19th Anti-War Coalition
Amy Meyers
Jorge Mújica Murias, Organizer, Arise Worker Center*
Neighbors for Peace
North Shore Coalition for Peace and Justice
Northwest Suburban Peace & Education Project
Nuclear Energy Information Service
Party for Socialism and Liberation
Physicians for a National Health Program Illinois
Quad Cities Democratic Socialists of America
AJ Reed, P.O.W.E.R Coalition*
Refuse Fascism Chicago
Anne Scheetz
Andy Thayer, Gay Liberation Network
US Palestinian Community Network
Stephen & Betsie Weil
Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ
Rich Whitney, Vice-Chair, Illinois Green Party Co-Chair, Green Party Peace Action Committee*
Workers World Party

* Organization listed for identification purposes only