Sept. 22 Public Forum – LEAD OUT NOW!

People’s Public Hearing – LEAD OUT NOW!

Sat., Sept. 22, 2 pm
3460 W. Lawrence
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The proceedings will be live streamed and recorded as part of the campaign to get the lead out of Chicago’s drinking water and more. #RahmsPoisoningUs

1. Introduction

2. Mom’s Speak Out
Dr. Lashawn Yvonne Littrice, BLM Women of Faith
Ana Santoyo, ANSWER Chicago
Stefanie Beacham, Registered Nurse

3. Lamon Reccord, Community Grassroots Activist, Candidate for Alderman in 16th Ward

4. Dr. Margaret Farago, Retired Professor of Inorganic Environmental Chemistry, Imperial College London

5. The LEAD OUT NOW! Chicago Campaign

6. Geoffrey Cubbage, Green Party Candidate for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

7. Robert Penner, Get the Lead Out Coalition in Milwaukee

Speakers will have 2 to 3 minutes each!

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